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What are the benefits of building an ADU?

Some benefits of building an ADU include providing additional living space for family members or guests, generating rental income, increasing the value of the home, and offering flexibility in how to use the property.

California ADU entrance with homeowner's key

1. Additional living space: An ADU can provide extra living space for family members, guests, or renters. This can be especially convenient for homeowners with grown children returning home, aging parents who need a place to live, or frequent out-of-town guests.

2. Rental income: Renting out an ADU can generate supplemental income for homeowners. This can be incredibly valuable for owners looking to supplement their income or pay off their mortgage more quickly.

3. Increased value: An ADU may increase the value of the property with added residential space and rental income. This can significantly benefit homeowners looking to sell their house in the future.

4. Flexibility: An ADU can offer flexibility in using the property. Owners can use it as a rental unit, a home office, a guest house, or a living space for an aging parent or adult child.

5. A sense of community: Building an ADU can create a sense of community by giving a place for people to live, work, and socialize. This can be particularly beneficial for owners looking to foster a sense of community in their neighborhoods.

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